What if I get behind in paying my tuition?

It is Patten University’s policy that students’ financial accounts must be current. If difficulties arise, appropriate arrangements must be made with the Billing Department. Students who are active in a term but are more than 30 days late on a payment will be placed on restricted access. Students on restricted access will no longer be able to access their coursework until payment arrangements have been made with the Billing Department.
Students who fail to complete satisfactory arrangements or who default on their financial arrangement are subject to financial probation. Students on financial probation will not be able to register for a new term.
Students on financial probation remain subject to Patten University’s continuous enrollment policy and may be subject to administrative withdrawal. No transcripts will be issued to students on financial probation or past due balances. If you are on financial probation, or have questions about this policy, please contact the Billing Department at billing@unow.com or call 415-817-9921.
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