What are some good online writing resources?

The Internet abounds with resources to help you improve your academic writing skills for your projects and assignments. Below are links to some of the most helpful.

University Based Writing Resources:

Most of these have handouts or short descriptions on research, writing strategies and style, grammar, citations, and how to avoid plagiarism. If you have a specific question, like how to write for a certain discipline or type of assignment, you may want to look at the resources on more than one of these sites.

Grammar Resource:

  • English Grammar Guide  - Types of words, correct punctuation and usage. Short, clear descriptions with good examples.

Citation Resources:

  • Cite This For Me - Enter the information you have for the references you want to cite. This website can look up books, articles and websites to find any missing pieces, and format several styles of references for in-text citations and bibliographies.
  • Daemen College Library Online Tutorial - This does a good job of linking the publication information to the proper reference list format for different types of print and electronic sources. Very user-friendly.
  • Purdue OWL - Excellent, reliable source for details and examples of APA format for citations and layout of papers.

Editing and Revision Draft Resources:

  • Track Changes in Microsoft Word - Using track changes can be very helpful when creating a revision draft or editing an essay. A revision draft is a version of your final project, likely an essay, that shows the changes you made from the rough draft to the final version. This may be required for some projects, but can also be used for editing and polishing when writing any essay.

Translation Services:

  • Google Translate - Free translation service that provides instant translations between dozens of different languages. Since the translations are generated by machines, not all translation will be perfect.
  • Linguee - Can be used as a bilingual dictionary, or as an internet search engine. Just search for a word or expression. You do the translating yourself, but Linguee shows how other people have solved tricky translation problems.

Online Tutorial Services:

Please note that the following list of tutorial services are not necessarily free and are not associated with Patten University.






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