I’m looking for articles for my term paper...

You may want to search in the ProQuest database we provide, which will retrieve articles from academic and business journals. eBrary retrieves ebooks, but not articles.

Some tips for searches:

- Read any assignment descriptions carefully.

- If your instructor, or your course readings, use certain wording for the concepts you're looking for, use this same wording in your searches.

- It is usually most effective to keep search terms brief: one or two words will yield more results than a long string.

- If the wording for a concept uses a short phrase, put quotes around this when searching. For example: "organizational behavior".

- If you are looking for more than one concept in a search, you can combine them with the word AND in all capital letters. For example: "decision making" AND teams AND performance. This is a good way to narrow a search if you are retrieving too many results that do not look relevant.

- Choose "Full text" below the search box to get articles. (If your instructor only wants peer reviewed sources or academic journals, you can limit your search results to the right side of what you find.)

- To see the full abstract for any listed articles, you can hover your mouse over the world "Preview" in blue on the right of the entry.

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