Financial Probation

Students who have a past-due balance on their account at the end of their contract will be placed on Financial Probation which means they will lose access to coursework, future term registrations, graduation clearance, and transcripts. Students are notified via email when payment attempts are declined and when they are placed on Financial Probation.  

From the moment they are placed on Financial Probation, a student has 30 days to settle their balance or make payment arrangements to do so.  Failure to do so will result in Administrative Withdrawal from the university.  Students who are withdrawn in this fashion will need to settle their account before re-enrolling.

If the past-due balance is cleared within 30 days, a student will be taken off of Financial Probation and may register immediately for a new term.  Students who set up a payment plan instead will not be withdrawn, but their accounts will be put on hold and they cannot register for a new term. If any of the payments in the agreed-upon payment plan are declined, the student will be immediately withdrawn.  As soon as the balance is clear, students may register for a new term.

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