Time off between terms (leaves of absence)

In addition to the four weeks of vacation scheduled in a calendar year, students paying by term or by year may take up to an additional four weeks off between terms (max four weeks between terms per year). This means students can take up to about eight weeks off total (4 weeks vacation + 4 weeks leave) per year.  Students wishing to take time off between terms must notify their student advisor a minimum of two weeks before their next term starts.

Students on a term-based plan will not be billed during time between terms.  If students are on an annual plan, leaves of up to 30 days extend their plan duration by that amount.  In essence, students on an annual plan have up to 13 months to complete three 4-month terms.  

Students who pay by course may take up to four weeks off between courses.  

Students who wish to take more time off will be asked to withdraw and re-enroll when they are ready to continue their degree program.   Once withdrawn, a student must re-enroll and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the new enrollment agreement, including the new tuition rate and all applicable fees, including a new enrollment fee, if applicable.

Keep in mind that, even while on a break, you can work ahead on your next course.

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