Student Support

The University commits to providing students with the support they need to achieve their educational goals. The roles and responsibilities of this supporting team are delineated here.

Student Advisors

These key team members mentor students and provide academic advising support as students develop and personalize their study and degree plans. They are the first point of contact for helping students successfully complete their programs and resolving issues involving their program of study or any other schooling related issues students may have. Student Advisors are required by University policy to answer student inquiries within 24 hours during the work-week and within 48 hours on the weekend.


At the University, we believe that Instructors should work closely with students and truly serve as teaching faculty. They provide instruction to students, both synchronously and asynchronously. Instructors use a flipped classroom teaching model where course material that would be traditionally covered in a lecture format is introduced in the UP learning management platform.. Robust course texts, resource materials, exercises, and assessments are hosted in the online classroom environment. Discussions between Instructors and students occur via technological tools that allow both synchronous and asynchronous communication. Instructors are subject matter experts in the content and methodology of their assigned courses and, as such, identify, evaluate, and create learning resources across a variety of media to provide students with a variety of learning options. Instructors are the principal resource to answer academic questions about particular courses and help students successfully complete their courses and academic program. Instructors are required by University policy to hold weekly office hours, hold weekly topic discussion forums, and answer student inquiries within 24 hours during the work-week and within 48 hours on the weekend, except during school vacations. 


The evaluation of summative student assessments is independent of instruction.  Evaluators are qualified faculty in the specific subject matter they evaluate, but they do not teach the students whose work they evaluate. This is to ensure objectivity in the evaluation of student performance on summative assessments (papers, projects, presentations, etc.). Evaluators compare student work to rubrics that are available to students as they complete the assignments, ensuring a fair evaluation of the student’s level of competency. Assignments are typically graded within 7 business days. The speed with which evaluators return assignments is monitored by the Manager of Evaluation and Assessment to ensure timely grading.

Student Services

The Student Services department is responsible for providing personalized, responsive and proactive service to promote student engagement and satisfaction with the University’s distance education environment.  To contact Student Services please email support.


The University’s Librarian serves as a resource to assist students with the digital library and other questions regarding research.


The Office of the Registrar serves as the institutional administrator for academic information and records that support faculty, staff, and students. Services provided by the Registrar include:

  • Management of student academic records

  • Determination of transferability of courses

  • Degree plan services

  • Course registration and enrollment verification

  • Providing official and unofficial transcripts

  • Assessment and conferral of degrees

  • Consultation on academic policies and procedures, and

  • Information for students, faculty members, and staff regarding their rights and responsibilities related to educational records, access, and privacy.

Support Desk & Technical Help

The University Support Desk allows students to submit requests for technical and non-technical support.  Support requests may be submitted via this help desk or by sending an email to

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