Term Start Change Policy

Newly enrolled students who have not yet started their first term may delay their term up to 28 days by contacting their student advisor.  This request must be received by student advisors at least 72 hours prior to the initial term start date. Students wishing to delay their start date less than 72 hours prior to their start date must withdraw and then re-enroll in another term. Please note that in most cases we have waived our enrollment fee and changing your term start may mean you are charged this fee.

Newly enrolled students who have started their first term who wish to change it must withdraw from the school and re-enroll.  Doing this may incur the enrollment fee mentioned above.  In addition, the school cannot guarantee the original tuition plan will still be available and the student may need to choose a new one with a different cost.  

Continuing students may delay, free of charge, the start of their next term by submitting a request to their student advisor 14 days before the end of their current term.  If the new term has already started, there is a $100 fee for canceling that term start and registering for a later term.

Students who pay by term or by year may take up to four total weeks between terms in a given year.  Students who pay by course may take up to four weeks between courses.  

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