Appeals and Grievances

Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure

The goal of this grade appeal policy is to establish a clear, fair process by which students can contest a course grade that they believe has been awarded in a manner inconsistent with university policies or that has resulted from calculation errors. Grade appeals must be based on problems of process and not on differences in judgment or opinion concerning academic performance. The burden of proof rests on the student to demonstrate that one or more of the following occurred:

  1. An error was made in grade computation (e.g., point total is incorrect or no credit was given for a correct answer).
  2. The grading was missing substantive material due to technical issues.
  3. Arbitrary and capricious standards were used in assigning the grade.  For example, key project elements were not evaluated or the evaluation included elements outside the scope of the assignment or rubric.

Evidence must be provided to support any of the above occurrences that the student believes applies to her/his grading.

Only the final course grade may be appealed. The grade assigned is assumed to be correct, and the student appealing the grade must justify the need for a change of the grade assigned.

Appeals Procedure

Grade appeals must be initiated by the student within 7 days of the grade being awarded. Students are to follow this sequence:

1. First contact the course instructor about the appeal.  The instructor has 7 days to respond to this.

2. If the instructor and student cannot resolve the appeal and the student wishes to pursue the matter further, s/he may appeal to the dean.  This must be a written appeal that includes all of the following:

  • A statement addressing how the appeal meets one or more of the three criteria necessary for a grade appeal
  • The evidence that supports the student’s position
  • A description of the outcome of the appeal process with the course instructor
  • Any relevant documents the student would like to have reviewed as part of the appeal process

 3.  The written appeal must be made within 30 days of the grade being awarded.  Upon submission of the appeal, the dean has 14 days to respond.  The dean’s decision is final. 

To submit a grade appeal request, download and complete the form below and email it to the email address listed:


Disciplinary appeals

Appeals of disciplinary actions and other University decisions must also be made in writing to the Dean of Online Learning.  The student must provide evidence and/or a compelling explanation for why the disciplinary action should not be implemented.

To appeal:

  • Students must submit their appeal within 7 days of the notification of the disciplinary action. During these seven days, no action will be taken to dismiss the student or suspend the student from access to courses or services, unless the Administration determines that allowing the student to remain engaged with the University students, staff or faculty would be harmful. 
  • Upon submission, the Dean of Online Learning has 14 days to to respond.  The decision of the Dean of Online Learning will be final.  
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