Student Code of Conduct

As members of the University’s academic community, students are expected to adhere to the established standards related to communication, academic integrity, and honesty. By signing the Enrollment Agreement, students agree to abide by these standards and all University policies. In addition to adhering to the policy on academic integrity and honesty, students are to abide by the Code of Conduct as it relates to all communications.

The exchange of diverse, freethinking ideas and the practice of debate are core elements of the academic environment. the University fully supports these ideals but also requires that all communications between and among students, faculty, and administration reflect civil discourse and professionalism.

Each student is responsible for the content of all text, audio, or images that s/he places or sends over the internet including, but not limited to, any web-based sites or applications utilized through the University. Fraudulent, harassing, or obscene messages are prohibited. Information published on the internet should not violate or infringe upon the rights of others. Abusive, profane, or offensive language transmitted through the system is not tolerated.  

Any student who feels harassed is encouraged to immediately inform the alleged harasser that the behavior is unwelcome. If the informal discussion with the alleged harasser is unsuccessful in remedying the problem or if the individual experiencing the behavior does not feel comfortable with such an approach, the individual should immediately report the conduct to their Student Advisor, Instructor, or any administrative official of the University. All reports of harassment or discrimination will be promptly investigated.

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct will become part of the student’s record. Depending on the severity and/or frequency of the violation(s), the Faculty may take disciplinary action. This could include submitting a formal recommendation to the University Administration that the student be withdrawn from the University. A student who has become subject to disciplinary action may submit an appeal to the Academic Dean per the University’s Appeals and Grievances policy.


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