My term ends today. What time do I have to have everything completed/submitted by?

Projects must be submitted and Final Exams completed (not just scheduled) by 11:59:59 pm (Pacific) on the Friday that your term ends. 

Please note that sometimes projects are deemed inadmissible because they either do not address the project requirements or violate the Academic Integrity Policy.  In such cases, if more than 7 days remain in the term, the evaluator will typically return the project to the student with instructions for how to correct any issues.  

If a project is submitted within 7 days of the end of the term, it will be graded "as is," even if it is deemed inadmissible.  This could lead to a low grade on the project and an F for the course.  Students should therefore submit projects well in advance of the end of their term if they would like the opportunity to revise their work, or the ability to submit a second attempt after failing the first attempt.  

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