What counts toward readiness?

We estimate your readiness in each unit based on your recent performance on flashcards, quiz questions and exercises, plus the relevant questions from the Pre-Final and Final Exam.

Here's a quick checklist of what and what does not contribute to readiness:

Item Contributes to readiness score?
Initial assessment No
Reading textbook No
Watching video  No
Marking flashcard as Mastered  Yes 
Taking quiz  Yes 
Self-assessed and peer-reviewed exercises  Yes 
Graded assignments  Yes 
Project  No 
Pre-final exam Yes 
Final exam Yes

It's important to remember that readiness is merely a tool we offer you to help you understand where to focus your studies. If you intentionally try to manipulate the readiness bar instead of truly learning the material the bar represents, the value of this tool is reduced.  In the end, you are the best judge of whether you're happy with your understanding of a topic.  

For a video overview on Readiness, please visit https://patten.edu/readiness-video

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