I've been trying forever to increase my readiness and the color won't change! What should I do?

We can't reveal the readiness algorithm precisely because we know many students would focus on gaming the readiness system instead of focusing on their studies. Readiness is merely a tool to help guide you. While it should be a good measure of your mastery of the material, you shouldn't disregard your own instincts on what you've learned and what you need to work on.  This means you shouldn't focus on manipulating the readiness bar, you should focus on where you think you need to do more work.  

We're always looking for ways to improve readiness, so if you think you've got ideas for how it could more accurately reflect your mastery of the course material, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.  Thanks!

For a video overview on Readiness, please visit https://patten.edu/readiness-video

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