What Are Patten's Admissions Requirements For Patten Online Degree Programs?

Admissions Requirements

Patten University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administering its admission policies and its educational policies and programs.


In order to matriculate as a fully admitted degree-seeking undergraduate, an individual must:

  • Verify or submit within 30 days of enrollment a high school transcript or equivalent (such as a GED) that is accepted by the University as valid.
  • Complete twelve (12) college-level credits, either by completing courses at Patten University or by submitting transfer credits that are accepted by the University, or a combination of the two.

Patten University will verify high school graduation or equivalent and transcript authenticity. A student who cannot produce a high school transcript or equivalent cannot matriculate as a degree-seeking student at Patten University.

ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission. Written permission from a legal guardian is required for admission of persons who are under the age of 18.


In order to matriculate as a fully admitted degree-seeking graduate student, an individual must possess a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Degree conferral will be verified by Patten University. All verification and required transcript submission for matriculation must be completed within 30 days of enrollment.

GRE or GMAT scores are not required.

Students entering the MBA program are expected to have completed undergraduate-level microeconomics and college algebra with a C- or higher before starting their degree program. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the proper paperwork is submitted to verify that he or she has completed the prerequisites before their term starts. If the prerequisites are not complete at term start, the student will be placed into them automatically, and will be required to complete them before starting a degree program.

International Students

Patten University does not provide Visa services to online students nor verify online student immigration status. Instruction at Patten University is provided in English, and the University does not provide English as a Second Language services. Applicants for whom English is a second language must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®) and have their official TOEFL® score report sent to the Office of Registrar under separate cover. Applicants must receive a TOEFL® score of 80 or higher on the Internet-Based test (iBT), and the score must be received by the University within 30 days of enrollment.

Applicants with non-U.S. educational credentials must first obtain a foreign credential evaluation from any member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (www.naces.org), such as Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE), or another independent U.S. evaluation service approved by the University before submitting their transcripts.

If a student chooses to submit their credentials to ECE, request forms and cost information are available at the ECE website (www.ece.org) or by contacting ECE at: ECE, Post Office Box 92970, Milwaukee, WI 53202-0970 USA; or telephone (414) 289-3400 or fax (414) 289-3411

International applicants must obtain subject evaluations: the general evaluation is not sufficient. International students who do not have U.S. government photo identification will need to produce two forms of alternative photo identification during proctored examinations in order to verify identity.

To be accepted, transcripts must be official. Students must have them sent directly from the institution to Patten University under seal, where they must be confirmed by the Office of the Registrar as valid.

Prospective online international students should send official transcripts* and foreign credential evaluations to: Patten University, Office of the Registrar, 2100 Franklin Street, Suite 350, Oakland, CA 94612

* All official transcripts for online students must be accepted as valid by the Registrar’s Office within 30 days of enrollment.

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